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How to produce the phone case

  • joe at
  • 2018-07-12 17:22:23
A little bit more detail today about the phone case.
By the way, let's talk about it. I'd like to hold a live event
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Today's sharing is the mobile phone case. Now that we have data, how did the mold come about?
We can understand the mold as a template. Many students have seen the making of mooncakes, right?
That's the mold. You put the dough into the wooden mold, you knock it, and a mooncake comes out and you bake it.
And the following mould is the first data through the CNC knife carving on steel plate, the R Angle, the decorative pattern, and should be through the camera, the shape of a key, YiDaoDao carved plate, and then the steel plate is divided into two simple (mould), we divided into upper and lower mould, two die add up to is a following from the shape of the cavity, through injection molding machine boil tpu or PC material high temperature melts, before and after the use of pressure after the liquid material into the two pieces of steel inside, by default the instant cooling water pipe into the cold water,
The material from 150-150 degrees temperature drop to a few decades to become a solid soon, and then the steel body separated by injection molding machine, operating machine teacher to come out of the this product with the hand, then cloak processing products, and the high quality will be cutting the gate location, so this is a mobile phone set.
Molds can be divided into upper and lower molds, four-side row molds, many people bought before are upper and lower molds, how to divide?
You can see that there is an obvious line on the side of your phone sleeve, but there is no four-sided line, which is what we call a better mold.
You can't see the lines of the capes.
Then die mold still see someone do the median line up and down, but not the hand, this is our no sutures mold, this is a very high quality mold making, quality and edges all the same! iphone case 
Then a mold the original steel procurement costs to see life, usually can produce more than 100000 times, then small refinements can be used for a long time, if more bad is began to deformation of the tens of thousands of times, because this is because each injection opening and closing of collisions result in fatigue.
This period is to update here, don't ask me how much money to open mold, after all, this is more to the various requirements from the analysis, a moment can't explain, starting from the previous theme is changed to "how to produce", I have summarized how to production from the process, to let everyone know that produce a following from really simple than you think, even those of a few dollars on the street.
The industry behind the effort and integration of resources is invisible.
So I think it's an interesting topic to share.
Thank you for your reading. I am very happy if you really like it. I am very cold in the topic of zhihu.