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How the phone case became the most important part of your wardrobe ?

  • mary at
  • 2018-07-31 18:30:52
This year's essential accessory is not a handbag, it is Louis Vuitton's mobile accessories - sealed a trend full of self-obsessed era
If someone is "on their phone" these days, it's more likely that their screen is in front of them, in their hands - and therefore show their phone casing to the world - rather than being attracted by their ears. Mirror self-timer is the main photographic cause of our time, placing the phone case in the target position. The two most ubiquitous projects on the theme of lifestyle are still lying, and the mirror self-portrait on Instagram is artisan coffee and well-crafted smartphones.
When power designers Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall launched their fashion and lifestyle brand Chaos last year, they put luxury at the heart of what they did. Last weekend, Apple's chief design officer Jony Ive was categorically denied the report of a chaotic investor - but the fact that there is a rumor tells you that you need to understand the buzz around chaos, which is also the personality of the chic luggage accessories and super models. Sportswear.
Elinor Robinson, director of accessories at Selfridges, said: "The smartphone itself is no longer a status symbol, because everyone has one." "But, the importance of seeing it is still important. Fashion Week, you will see these girls typing while walking into the show, you will think: "What do you have to do now is really important? ”
Mobile phones have become something that keeps you away from the rest of the world. The status is now busy and has to deal with important emails or photos to share with your fans. Therefore, your phone needs to be in your hand, not in your handbag. "
Humor and personality are key differentiating factors because a small number of mobile phones dominate the market. If you are a 14-year-old girl and have the same cell phone as your father, you can solve this problem with a Skinny Dip box with a fluffy flamingo or sparkling WTF. Robinson and Net-a-Porter's premium accessories buyer, Billie Faricy-Hyett, have pointed out Moschino's novelty case - the 2013 French fries, the 2014 Barbie Mirror - as the market's hottest.
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