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Do you need a mobile phone in the end? Don't use these phone cases, it may cause cancer!

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  • 2018-08-09 16:31:33
Do you need a mobile phone case in the end? Don't use these phone cases, it may cause cancer!
The use of mobile phones in life is increasing, and the higher the performance requirements of mobile phones, the higher the price of mobile phones. For the safety of mobile phones, some mobile phone manufacturers will provide an official mobile phone case for new mobile phones (this is safe and can be used with confidence).
But there are some "beautiful people" who often go to the stalls or Taobao, feel good to buy, and do not look at the quality.
Are these phone cases safe?
If you use a poor quality mobile phone case, what harm will it have, and what effect does it have on the mobile phone and even on the body? Second Artillery Uncle talks with you about those things in the phone case!
May cause harm to the body
Not only young people, but most middle-aged people also like to wear mobile phone cases for mobile phones, choose some good-looking, pictures are more fancy. But what they didn't think of was the quality of the phone case.
Low-cost, low-quality mobile phone cases often contain a carcinogen - "benzene". When we call or put it on the pillow, the phone will heat up, and the plastic case will emit more or less this substance. It’s terrible to think about it.
If you buy cheaper online shopping or land sales, you should pay attention. You will smell a pungent smell when they are sent because they are made of inferior plastic. And with a variety of patterns on the phone sets, the pigment will be very heavy, long-term use, this will make your body hurt, long-term use of such mobile phone shell, the chance of getting cancer is greatly increase!
There have been reporters who have secretly visited small traders. The warehouses where they stack mobile phone sets have no insects such as a fly, mosquitoes, etc., because the harmful substances in the mobile phone case have killed them all, and the mobile phone case is held in the hand. It sounds horrifying
2. Harm to the phone
The average person thinks that buying a mobile phone case is to protect the mobile phone. Is it hard to protect the mobile phone from damage to the mobile phone?
A comparative experiment proves that a mobile phone can be used for 3 years with a standard mobile phone motherboard, and a non-standard mobile phone motherboard can only be used for up to 2 years.
In the process of using the mobile phone, when playing games, watching videos, etc., which need to occupy a lot of resources of the system, the mobile phone will cause different degrees of heat and hot, and the thick mobile phone case will make the mobile phone not easy to dissipate heat, just like we put cotton on the summer. Be the same.
If the temperature of the mobile phone is too high, it will hurt the motherboard and battery of our mobile phone. Therefore, it is very important to choose the correct mobile phone case!
At the same time, in a more dangerous situation, wearing a thick and unqualified mobile phone case, not only the mobile phone can not dissipate heat, but also may cause the explosion of the mobile phone in serious cases.
3. How to choose the right phone case correctly?
Experts found through the detection of the mobile phone case that the more vivid the color of the mobile phone case, the more the heavy metal content, "the skin will enter the human body through frequent contact with the skin, which has a certain destructive effect on the kidney and liver." Especially pungent, rubbing eyes Phone case should be more careful
Second Artillery Uncle reminds: If you must choose the mobile phone case, you should choose the products of the regular big factory, the edges are neat, smooth, tough, fine, and odorless.
Under normal circumstances, the mobile phone shell produced through the formal quality inspection channel, its toxic substances are in line with human body standards, and have little impact on the human body, even negligible. In the case of small workshops, the ingredients of the main materials and additives are not guaranteed. In order to pursue economic benefits, it is very likely to use toxic substances to manufacture mobile phone cases!
If the phone is broken, it can be repaired, it can be changed, but for a mobile phone case, it hurts the body, it is not worth the candle!
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