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What you need to know before you purchase the Silicone kitchenware?

  • alice at
  • 2018-03-19 14:41:05

What you need to know before you purchase the Silicone kitchenware? 


Do you know? MX-Group is a silica gel factory, mainly produces silicone kitchen supplies and silicone phone accessories, such as mobile phone case and some mobile phone holder. Today, let's talk about our silicone kitchen utensils.

Now the young people and the children estimated mostly with environmental health package, for silicone kitchen supplies and the surrounding health and environmental protection requirements also have a certain selection, and the 80 and 90 generation of people estimated to be very little personally experienced silicone kitchenware supplies advantages and specially,So, as an older generation, do you know anything about the safety of silicone kitchenware?

Now silicone kitchen supplies have gradually replaced a part of the traditional kitchenware, especially for children-type silicone products, in daily life it has been closely linked with us, whether it is the temperature protection of food, kitchen function to prevent the fall, as well as the use of life and security can make consumers interested in silicone kitchenware features! For the search for silicone kitchenware manufacturers The most basic requirements is nothing more than starting from raw materials, look for qualified, assured, environmentally friendly, healthy silicone kitchenware products are each consumer pursuit of High-quality Health said, so in the material of silicone products factory usually need to use food-grade high transparent gas phase method of silicone rubber raw material customization production,Products can reach the human skin and no harm!

On the other hand silicone products of the essential performance of outstanding, material can reach temperature-40-230 degrees, clean and convenient, the product has a certain resilience and toughness, so there is no need to worry about its deformation, aging and damage, and its adaptability is better, whether it is oily or cold or high-temperature environment its effect is no worse than other materials. Its production process is mainly: solid rubber raw materials through the mixing machine (mixing process to add color glue and curing agent), raw material slicing (to achieve the desired size to produce into the mold), molding process production and processing (raw materials into the mold for hot pressing vulcanization molding), the appearance of dismantling, QC testing, packaging shipments, Normal production process!



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