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Apple's Silicone iPhone 6 cases and Covering iPhone 6 cases compared

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  • 2018-03-06 13:42:24

Apple's Silicone iPhone 6 cases vs Covering iPhone 6 case: feel

Some accept begin the new iPhones hardly added glace than antecedent models, so a case should add some bare grip.

For anchor we adopted the cheaper Apple's Silicone iPhone 6 cases. The Covering case is absolutely beneath glace than a naked iPhone 6 but not as grippy as the Silicone.

I in fact adopt the feel of the Silicone, too.

The Covering isn’t ever leathery’absolutely you charge to attending absolutely carefully to apprehension that it is leather. We're admirers of the Sena covering smartphone and book cases, and you get a bigger feel for superior covering with Sena than with Apple.

Inside the case the actual is a soft, colour-matched microfibre.

Both cases are nice and snug, so the buzz is not traveling to blooper out. Removing the buzz from the case is easy, though.


Apple's Silicone iPhone 6 cases vs Covering iPhone 6 case: colours

The Covering case comes in black, red, bendable pink, olive amber and midnight blue.

The Apple's Silicone iPhone 6 cases comes in black, white, pink, blue, blooming and red. We like the abstraction of red but on both Covering and Silicone we were anxious that it looked a little pink. If red’s your affair you ability wish to analysis one out in absolute activity to see what you think. As you can see aloft the aberration amid red and blush isn't huge, either.

Apart from that we won’t go into abstract ratings of altered colours, added than to advance the a few of the Silicone colours admonish us of the cheaper iPhone 5c; alone the chicken misses out.



Other than that – and the colour choices – there’s absolutely not a accomplished lot of aberration amid Apple’s Covering iPhone 6 case and its Silicone model.

While cool failing and abbreviate neither case is for the ultra alert as the apparent basal – while ablaze for advancing – does leave allowance for dents and scratches if you’re unlucky.

For the added airy iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners we can acclaim the two models as able-bodied fabricated simple to use, as able-bodied as humble in weight or bulk.