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General mobile phone case factory expansion activities

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  • 2017-08-31 15:12:30

General mobile phone case factory expansion activities



MX-Group located in Shenzhen China, Shenzhen MX-Group products Co., Ltd was found in 2002, specializing in the manufacturing of silicone phone cases. Our main products are 3D stylish and animated silicone phone cases for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, and other major brands.  Also we can bring your original custom phone case manufacturers design to life with the assistance of our professional engineers who can help in drawing the 3D artwork for you. 


Recently, our MX-Group held a theme barbecue development activities. Operational department, business department and new colleagues are actively involved in development activities.The event was held in Longgang wetland park. The whole activity is in good order, and everyone has a clear division of labor. Soon, tents, table cloth, drinks and delicious dishes are all ready. With the help of our colleagues, the barbecue activities are conducted in an orderly way. Barbecue over, the staff also conducted "do puzzles", "Who is undercover" and other interactive games not only enhances the colleagues cohesion and cooperation among the team, and give full play to the enthusiasm and cooperation of employees.


As the afternoon stretch was drawing to a close, the colleagues cleaned up the site at a very fast pace before leaving.


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At the recently concluded regional meeting, staff members at the four session of the Congress recommended further strengthening of staff communication, reduce staff conflicts, and enrich staff's amateur cultural life. The barbecue friendship activities are the specific measures to implement the requirements of the staff congress. The General Assembly said that more good activities should be organized to bring in a concerted effort to promote the development of cadres and employees, and to meet the difficulties of all new things.


MX-Group is a silicone phone case manufacturers which emphasizes product quality and pays more attention to the development of employees. It is a mobile phone supplier that you can trust.


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