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Big order for personalized mobile phone case

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  • 2018-01-30 14:41:15

Big order for personalized mobile phone case


personalized mobile phone caseSince October this year, Our company has been actively expanding the international market for personalized mobile phone case. Up to now, the company's sales, production and warehouse departments have achieved good results.


Driven by several large orders for personalized mobile phone case, , the production department of the company manages scientifically, the income production line runs at full load, and the whole line of workers actively produces, which greatly improves the production efficiency. In order to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of the products. Warehouse and production department, sales department with tacit cooperation, concerted efforts, overtime, product synchronous order, inspection, billing, loading and other processes in an orderly manner, arrange delivery site organization order all day.


The picture is a shipping picture of one of our colleague. This customer is a Korean customer he developed on the facebook line, and the customers are very fond of the mobile phone case style that we recommend. After communication, we have selected some of our existing styles, there are several open mold personalized mobile phone case for iphone X, under the efforts of production line colleagues. With the fastest time to make large goods. Warehouse also actively cooperate with the packaging of goods, loading and delivery logistics to customers.


Loaded trucks, busy workers are methodically executing each program, the front sales boom, the rear orderly protection, in the joint efforts of all staff. The company has the trend of personalized mobile phone case, we will carry forward the spirit of continuous fighting, strive to produce high-quality mobile phone case in the shortest possible time, to ensure the supply of products to meet market demand.

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