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Big life!A Scottish woman saved her life by photographing a cellphone case where lightning was struck hours before it arrived

  • joe at
  • 2018-08-02 17:46:28
A woman in Scotland has been caught photographing a lightning bolt. Fortunately, the cellphone case was made of rubber, which saved her life.
Tracey Kutluol of Scotland, a 42-year-old mother of two lovely, lively children, Max, 10, and mia, 14, opened her window to photograph lightning during a rainstorm and joked, "I'm going to electrocute."
Tracey Kutluol was shooting from the living room window when lightning struck her iPhone.
Two of the children said she had received an electric shock on her left arm and had an extreme tingling sensation.
Tracey, 42, added that the new silicone phone case, which arrived hours before she was shot, had saved her life.
"It was dark outside," Kutluol said.
Lightning hit my phone's case and saved my life, otherwise my phone might explode.
"You don't know how horrible lightning is, but I can still feel my left hand tingling from my little finger to my elbow.
Then I realized that I might die.
Then I threw my phone away and we all started panicking and screaming.
Fearing the house would catch fire, Tracey and the children ran into the bedroom on the ground floor of the villa, which she thought was the safest.
"My son is trying to make sure the cat doesn't jump out of the window," she said.
My daughter thinks this place will catch fire.
As a mother, my job was to try to comfort my children, to keep them calm, to take all the plugs out of the socket and run to my room.
We stayed there until 11:30 p.m.
Tracey said she would "never forget", but thanked eBay sellers for being a phone case that could save lives.
In the end, she said, she hopes everyone will take this as a lesson and not be as stupid as herself to photograph lightning and thunder.
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