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How to Clean a Rubber 3d phone case

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  • 2017-05-08 17:21:24

[How to Clean a Rubber 3d phone case]

If your protective 3d phone case for iphone 6 is made of soft silicone rubber then you know how easily they are dirty. Even if you are careful for cute 3d phone case, dirty spot can develop when the case rubs against dyed fabric. Depending upon the color of your 3d case iphone 6, you might see a slight stain even after sliding your phone into your jeans pocket a few times.

Sometimes a cute phone covers leaves marks on the face of phone it is protecting. These can range from scratches, smudges, and dirty residue caught between the cartoon silicone cases and the phone.3d phone case not only help to protect a phone from damage, but they are also dirty   from our hands. Regular cleaning of a 3d phone case can help to keep the build-up to a minimum. Follow the steps below to remove the dirt and grime.

3d phone case

1.Remove the 3d phone cases from the phone.

2.Wash the cute iphone 6 covers with a grease-fighting and a cloth.

3.If the area is still dirty, a wet cloth with isopropyl alcohol and wipe the dirty area of the case.

Do you got the ways to clean your 3d phone cases?

3d phone case